Family Support Services

Family Support Services

A certified trained professional with similar life experiences will guide families through its unique challenges parenting children with a behavioral health diagnosis.

  • Understanding mental/behavioral health disorders, their unique challenges, the causes, how to manage and overcome them.
    • Behavior management skills
  • Problem solving – Create family goals and a plan to reach them.
    • Identifying the problem
    • Creating positive family goals
    • Designing a plan to meet those goals
  • Advocating and empowerment 
    • Teaching families how to effectively communicate their needs
    • Understanding your rights as a family within your children’s life
    • Making educated decisions about needs, rights.
  • Life skill building – Life skills for both the family and the child can include but are not limited to:
    • Budgeting
    • Time management
    • Work and study skills
    • Self-care
    • Social development
    • Housing
    • Transportation
    • Finding community resources
    • Transitioning into adulthood and
    • Preparing for college
  • Developing a support system 
    • Strengthening personal relationships with family and friends
    • Researching and connecting to community services.
    • Creating new networks of stability and support that can include
      • Individual/family counseling
      • Medical care
      • Developmental disability services
      • Community centers
      • Childcare
  • Resiliency – Developing the ability to manage life’s challenges through skill and strength building such as:
    • Stress management
    • Work/life balance
    • Healthy coping skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Self-confidence
  • Relationships
    • Communication skills
    • Parenting skills
    • Role-model collaborative relationship behaviors and skills
    • Understanding and managing difficult behaviors
  • Strength Building – Identify and increase individual and family strengths, abilities and confidence to support the child.
  • Preparation for event such as
    • IEP, 504 or other school related meetings
    • Doctor visits and
    • Finding new services
    • Understanding the process and
    • Advocating for your child
  • Connect to resources and services
    • Research, understand and locate beneficial services for the family and the child.
  • Health and wellness activities – Child and family centered activities with focus areas such as:
    • Outdoor activities
    • Arts and crafts
    • Nutrition
    • Connecting to hobbies and
    • Exploring interests

Who qualifies for these services?

Families with children up to 18 years of age and their parents/caregivers who live with a child who has a behavioral health diagnosis.  Families must have medicaid.

Insurances Accepted

  • Medicaid
  • Private Pay

More about Family Support Services

A Certified Family Support Partner, (CFSP) is a trained professional that has personal experience raising a child with a mental health concern. They also have training and experience with mental health concerns and substance use disorders co-occurring together. The CFSP collaborates with other agencies and entities that serve the child and his/her family to improve the quality of life and opportunities of recovery for the child in the home, school and community.  A CFSP supports the child and family in developing and succeeding in their own recovery plan. A CFSP supports the family in their health and wellness by role-modeling healthy behaviors and skills, maximizing strengths and support systems, developing empowering advocacy skills, understanding mental illnesses, understanding rights and resources and how to access them, and developing resiliency.